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Why does the location of my business matter?

Different insurance carriers have different rules regarding the location of your business.  Once of the advantages of working with Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is that we work with many insurance carriers that offer insurance to over 1000 types of businesses.  It is important to provide us with the location of you business so that we can quote the correct type of policy. If you work from your home, as opposed to in an office or retail space, you be able to qualify for a home-based business policy that offers competitive pricing and package of coverages.

Why insure a home-based business?

Did you know that most homeowners policies have an exclusion for "business pursuits" or something similar that excludes coverage for a business conduction from your home?  It is crucial to have protection in the event of a claim.

What do you mean "where is my office"?

We need to know the location from where you run your business.  Here are several examples:

  • You have a home based business.

  • You rent an office away from your home where you work - your landlord may require you to purchase general liability insurance (Quote General Liability Here)

  • You own a building and you work from it too.  We can quote insurance for the building (property coverage) as well as general liability.  If you have tenants in the building, there are options to coverage loss of rents and more.

Do you sell home-based business insurance?

Yes! This is one of our passions.  There are hundreds of home-based business for which we sell insurance.  Whether you are a piano teacher or an interior designer, we have great home-based insurance products that offer a package of coverages at a very competitive price. 

Examples of home-based business insurance coverage options:

  • General liability on and off the premises

  • Business Personal Property Coverage at and away from the home

  • E&O Insurance (errors & omissions insurance) - in some cases, this is included at no extra charge

  • Loss of Business Income Coverage

  • And More!

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What if I need to insure property away from my office?

*NOTE: Sample claims may be based on real cases or fictional examples and no coverage is guaranteed or afforded by any information provided on this page or this website. Your policy may  or may not have any of the coverages shown in this sample. Policies vary based on terms, coverages, conditions, and exclusions  Please check with your state and local jurisdiction for rules on operating a business. Coverage options vary by business, location, and are all subject to underwriting approval. The information is purely for educational purposes and not quoted from any legal source.

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