Sample Claim – General Liability:

  • A patient in a physicians office was injured when the chair upon which they were seated collapsed. The claimant suffered a sprained arm which resulted in a claim payment of $2,500.
  • A child enters a store with his family and when they are not looking, he starts playing with items on your shelves and a heavy object falls on him causing bodily injury, you could be held liable for legal defense costs and medical bills.

Sample Claim – Property:

  • One weekend night , vandals climbed onto the roof of the building and used a sledgehammer to damage the heating and air-conditioning unit. Damage was also done to the roof of the building where the heating and air conditioning units were located. Later that week the local police apprehended some juveniles who had vandalized the insured’s building and some other businesses in the area.
  • You get to work in the morning and see that someone through a rock through your window, you now need to replace the window and the framing.  Ask us about how windows and glass are covered under a policy.  Options for glass can vary and windows can vary, for example interior and exterior glass can be treated differently.

Sample Claim – Equipment Breakdown:

  • A power surge caused damage to office phone equipment, making them inoperable. This resulted in a loss of business for two days.


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*NOTE: Sample claims may be based on real cases or fictional examples and no coverage is guaranteed or afforded by any information provided on this page or this website. Your policy may  or may not have any of the coverages shown in this sample. Policies vary based on terms, coverages, conditions, and exclusions  Please check with your state and local jurisdiction for rules on operating a business. Coverage options vary by business, location, and are all subject to underwriting approval. The information is purely for educational purposes and not quoted from any legal source. This document does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the policy. For a complete under standing of any insurance you purchase, you must read your Policy, Declarations Page and any Endorsements, and discuss them with your broker. Your actual policy terms and conditions may be amended by Endorsement or affected by state laws.

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