Are their different types of insurance policies for Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) vs. Golf Carts?

The simplified answer is yes.  There are also some insurance carriers that will write one but not the other.  We’ll start with the basic disclaimer that rules vary by location, vehicle, and policy type.  Next, let’s determine what type of vehicle you have:

  • A street legal LSV – registered with the DMV, or similar entity that registers vehicles.  Some people refer to this as having it “tagged”.  These vehicles generally have a 17-digit VIN and a top speed of 25mph.  In some areas, a county or city office may be in charge of registration.
  • A traditional golf cart – these vehicles generally do not require license plates or “tags” and is intended for usage off public roads, such as on a golf course or perhaps a marina in an area separated from public streets.
  • A street legal golf cart – these vehicles generally have a maximum of 19 mph and are intended to be used off public roads, such as on a golf course or in a gated community with private roads, but when approved and licensed correctly, they may be used on certain public roads.
  • A custom cart – after the cart is completed, the DMV (or similar entity in your state) can assist in determine the appropriate usage and registration.

The type of insurance that you purchase depends on the type of cart that you have.  If you have a golf cart, we can assist you in finding insurance for golf carts and their traditional usage.  If you have an LSV, we can help find you insurance that allows for street legal usage.  In some states, their are different insurance requirements for LSVs as opposed to golf carts.  Stratum Insurance Agency sells LSV and Golf Cart Insurance in over 45states, and requesting a quote is simple.

It is important that you purchase the right type of policy, because many “golf cart” policies do not allow for the usage of street-legal LSVs.  Also, your state may have special requirements for insurance.

The team at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC knows the difference between a golf cart and LSV and can help with customer vehicles.  They can assist you in finding the appropriate vehicle for the type of cart that you have.  Same day ID card are available in most states.


LSV Insurance and Golf Cart Insurance Quote

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