Why insure a home-based business?

Did you know that most homeowners policies have an exclusion for “business pursuits” or something similar that excludes coverage for a business conduction from your home?  It is crucial to have protection in the event of a claim.


Do we sell home-based business insurance?

Yes! This is one of our passions.  There are hundreds of home-based business for which we sell insurance.  Whether you are a piano teacher or an interior designer, we have great home-based insurance products that offer a package of coverages at a very competitive price.

Examples of home-based business insurance coverage options may include:

  • General liability on and off the premises
  • Business Personal Property Coverage at and away from the home
  • E&O Insurance (errors & omissions insurance) – in some cases, this is included at no extra charge
  • Loss of Business Income Coverage
  • And More!


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