Do you need renters insurance?

Let’s review some questions to learn more.
• Do you own clothing, stereo equipment, a television, a computer, jewelry, a bicycle, a camera, artwork, furniture, antiques, coin collections, or other valuable items?

• If fire damaged or destroyed the building, who would help pay for the loss of your personal possessions? Who would help with your extra living expenses if you had to move into a temporary location such as a hotel or another apartment?  renters_insurance

• What about personal liability – what could happen? If your guest is accidentally hurt or if a family member hurts a guest or damages property, a lawsuit could quickly follow. We like to think that this could not happen, but it can.  Consider just the cost of the legal defense, because even if you are not found liability, you could have large legal bills.

Are you looking for broader protection?  Ask the team at Stratum Insurance Agency about coverage broadening endorsements, such as “special personal property”, and scheduled personal property, such as an engagement ring.

Renters insurance starts in a range of $8 to $20 a month, depending on your location.   Discounts are available for bundling, so ask us about auto, motorcycle, and boat insurance.

At Stratum Insurance Agency LLC, we work to find you an affordable package of protection specially designed to help address these questions.  Quotes are available in 45 states.

Learn more about renters insurance or request a quote:



** Coverages vary by policy.  Refer to policy forms for more information.


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