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Need help?

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Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O Insurance)

EPLI  |    Directors and Officers Insurance

Employment Practice Liability Insurance is a valuable coverage that is crucial for the protection of your business, officers, and board members.
  • D&O Insurance and EPL Insurance
  • Protection for Executives and Boar Members
  • Management Liability
  • Executive Liability
  • Private Companies, Public Companies, and Non-Profits

We are able to quote liability insurance for over 500  industries.

There are many times of EPL insurance claims that put  your business at risk. A partial list of risks are:
  • sexual harassment,
  • wrongful termination,
  • discrimination,
  • wage and hour claims,
  • whistleblower claims
  • other employment related risks.

Sample Claims and Information:


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Directors and Officers INSURANCE SECTION

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