Vaping Store – E-cigarette Store Products Liability

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E-cigarette Store and Vaping Store Products Liability 

warning Did you know that if you directly import products for an e-cigarette business, such as the liquids, electronic cigarettes or other “vaping” related products that you can be held liable as the manufacturer and for claims from use of the products? 

If you have a policy now, do you know if products coverage is excluded?  Did you disclose that you directly import products or repackage products in your own name? It is important to disclose all of the activities of your business when obtaining a quote, and once you have a policy, you need to tell your agent about the changes to your business operations. If you import a product, you could have the same liability as the manufacturer.  For example, if you sell an e-cig or vaping device and it explodes, causing injuries to a customer, you could be sued.  Does your current policy have a products liability exclusion?
Our small business insurance team can help you find a policy tailored to your needs.  Whether you are looking for a basic “slip and fall” policy or products liability, we can help you.

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