Hot Industries

The Hot Industries section of our site features links to information about insurance for industries that we see either having trouble finding insurance or that are popping up across the country.  Of course, in both cases, we can help.  We also highlight businesses that we see suddenly finding themselves in a position that requires new insurance.

Here are some examples:

  • Example #1 – We receive calls from people who are in a specific business but are having trouble finding the type of insurance that meets their needs. A great example is the number of notaries that contact who cannot find the amount of professional liability insurance they need for new contract requirements. We can help with high limits of errors and omissions insurance, up to $10,000,000.  That’s when you know it’s time to talk to the Small Business Team.


  • Example #2 – Do you ever start to see a new type of business opening all around you?  Think of all of the new specialty yogurt shops that you have noticed opening.  We all know that they have tasty options, but can they find the right insurance to meet their needs?  Once again, we are here to help by finding small businesses policies that can offer a large selection of coverages.  Are you wondering what other businesses have been popping up? Think about your seasonal businesses below.


  • Example #3 – Seasonal industries often have trouble finding insurance, as many agencies and carriers target businesses that operate year round.  We can help in these situations.  Whether you have a pumpkin patch, Christmas Tree Lot, or a seasonal mall kiosk operator, you may find yourself needing insurance for just a season.

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