Holiday DUI – Check Your Insurance

Holiday DUI – Check Your Insurance

Your First DUI and Insurance

Did you receive a ticket for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated over the holiday weekend? Along with contacting an attorney, you want to contact Stratum Insurance Agency immediately to discuss your insurance needs. It is important to address the potential implications of this type of ticket or violation on your insurance. Our team can work carquickly to help you obtain the SR 22 filing but is required for people with DUI’s in almost every state than the country. Even if you live in a state that does not require and SR 22 or FR44 filing, you want to act quickly to make sure that your insurance is in order and that you have insurance that allows for you to have one of these violations on your driving record contact us today.

How to get a quote for auto insurance with a DUI / DWI:

  • Online Quote Request – The Best way to get a quote
  • By Phone:
    • California: 949-270-0609
    • Oregon: 941- 279-5000
    • Any state in the USA: 949-270-0609

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