Colorado Mobile Food Vendor Insurance – Food Truck Insurance, Catering Truck Insurance, Food Cart Insurance

Colorado Mobile Food Vendor Insurance – Food Truck Insurance, Catering Truck Insurance, Food Cart Insurance

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Colorado Mobile food vendor insurance is a type of insurance for which the team at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC truly has a passion. The combination of the insurance team and the foodies in the office have lead to the creation of a team dedicated to helping the mobile food industry find the balance of price and insurance coverage that they are seeking.

Specialty businesses such as gourmet food trucks, food carts, kiosks, and even bicycle-based food vendors have become increasingly popular in the last few years, even though the business model has been around for some time.

Why do I need insurance as an Colorado mobile food vendor?

There are many risks in the concessionaire business. For example, if you sell food, there is the risk of a food poisoning claim. If you have a booth where you set up a computer or light that you plug in and someone trips over your power cable, you could be sued for medical bills or bodily injury. More sample claims are available on the concessionaire insurance website.

Why choose Stratum Insurance Agency LLC as your team for your insurance in Colorado or over 40 other states?

We are foodies with a love for both insurance and the mobile food business! We attend food truck festivals and have a passion for the new flavors that the mobile food industry is sharing with the nation. Our team members can obtain insurance quotes in over 40 states for a large variety of insurances. We also have direct access to insurance carriers, meaning that we can answer questions and obtain quotes efficiently and quickly.

Important Coverages Available under a Concessionaire Insurance Policy

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Products Coverage
  • For Food Carts: Coverage for the Cart – Theft, Physical Damage
  • For Food Trucks / Catering Trucks – commercial auto insurance
  • Coverage for your inventory

A word about “Theft Coverage”.

Not all concessionaire insurance policies are the same. Stratum Insurance Agency LLC sells policies, that, in most cases, do not exclude theft coverage.

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